Sunday, August 28, 2011

Run for cover!!! It's a Cat 1 Hurricane!!

I waited to do any posting on the so called "Hurricane" of historical proportions till today. Just so I could be in line with the actuality of the situation. Can you believe it?? All that hype about what? Folks call me a conspiracy theorist, but when stuff is blatant and in your face you cannot avoid seeing it.

I live in an area where a thunderstorm does to our neighborhood and surrounding area what this Hurricane was supposed to do. In fact, it is expected that there would be downed trees, outages and water damage if not flooding after a severe storm. We have had over seven days of rain, sometimes several times a day over the past week.... Soooooooooo

Below is a nice video that hits the nail on the head!!!

Post subject: Hurricane Hype Irene 2011 vs Hurricane Earl 2010
Post Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:05 am
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Hurricane Hype Irene 2011 vs Hurricane Earl 2010
Yes Hurricane Earl hit less than a year ago in 2010 I know the media SAID a hurricane has not hit the US since 2008 but that's the mass media. They lie.

My grandmother sent me hurricane pictures from Cape Hatteras Island which sat in the middle of the super hyped hurricane. Basically there was nothing. Not even motel units sitting right on the beach were damaged.
Now compare that to Earl Last year which hit the same place last year Sep 3, 2010 which the media likes to pretend didn't happen. Hurricane Earl was reported on this website. You see what makes a hurricane news is whether or not it is a good distraction or not.

Here is Irene AKA "Not Gaddafi which was World News And next was Hurricane Earl which none of you ever heard of unless you were hit by it.


HURRICANE EARL Buxton North Carolina the exact same place.

Earl completely flooded the roads and motels. Did Earl get nation attention? NO. Earl was erased from meory they would not even report of it after the fact. This is EVERY mass media outlet. THIS is how piss poor their research is. They don't even bother. They all just repeat one another. I saw the Huffington post with the same bogus reporting, repeating the MSM. They all lie, be it on purpose or out of ignorance. Do not assume that because "everyone" is saying something that it must be true. Everyone is NOT saying something they are all just copying one another and creating a lemming effect.

They need to give it up already. They would not even acknowledge the hurricane from less than a year ago existed. And the people on tiny little islands getting hit not only with wind and rain but the fucking ocean as well, survive just fine zero deaths. but when the tropical storm hits the cities 15 people die. From the hurricane no from not having electricity, they dont know how to live without it for even a day and work the Darwin magic. yet look ... coast.html Earl a CAT4 hit but see it didn't hit New York so it didn't count. It also didn't do anything showing that even in a Cat4 nothing terrible has to happen so long as people aren't paniced morons about it. But the media sells fear. thus they skip this Cat 4 and hyped up a cat1 likeit as dooms day. And MSNBC reported on Earl which had 105 mile and hour wins and landed as a CAT2 then less than a year later act like there was no hurricane, after all it didn't hit "New York"