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The Hidden Meaning of African Attire (Videos)

The Hidden Meanings Of African Attire

I am drawing this title from an article that I read that I wish to share with you. However, I want to make a few comments before I share the article with you.
One of the things that I find most interesting about how people talk about Africa is that they tend to think that Africa and its people are homogeneous.  While they may share many similarities, they are not exactly homogeneous.  In fact, there are many cultures and subcultures in Africa.  First off Africa is a continent made of many countries.  The African Union recognizes 54 countries.  These countries vary in so many ways that it is virtually impossible to put them all together in one description.  Many times people who take a cursory look at Africa tend to think they can apply what they learn about one region, country or community to the entire continent.  This approach leads many people in a direction that is incompatible with the true essence of Africa, Africans and their way of life.

The African continent contains communities that are very industrialized to communities that still live isolated from the world.  There are innumerable languages and dialects. There are innumerable lifestyles, religious practices and cultures.  Africa as a continent is not a melting pot, but a place of differentiation and cultural mores. 

There are some things that are intrinsic to the African experience, that is, the importance of family and community, deep spirituality, an appreciation for nature and an honoring of the Ancestors.  Depending on the region, climate and weather, there are festivals that acknowledge the harvest, the weather changes, and various other customs that signify the African's awareness of their environment and their connection to it.

There are people who are nomadic and they tend to adapt to the environment or are nomadic because the environment is not sustainable enough to inhabit for long periods of time.  Even the hunting styles vary from community, village, country to country.

Again, Africa is not homogeneous, and while researchers and pundits may wish to identify Africa as one conglomerate of people, some often don't even realize that Africa is a continent and not a country, it is virtually impossible to place Africa and its people under one umbrella.

One thing that is certain, everything that they do has purpose and meaning.  Masks are made for specific purposes, certain words are used to describe certain things for a purpose.  Relationships are purposeful and leadership is accountable.
Before the advance of western civilization into the African experience, the elders were revered and the children belonged to the entire community, every adult male is a father and every adult female is a mother to all the children.  Extended families and polygamy (polygny) is quite ordinary in most societies and there is also a smattering of polyandry where the women have more than one husband.
The priests and priestess, elders and wise men and women have a high position in African society across the board, and are respected.

Beyond that the customary way that these social norms are displayed vary from community to community, village to village and in some instance country to country, although, that is even stretching it a bit too far.

When people begin to discuss and even study African culture, they are remiss to attribute a general broad brush to Africa, because it simply is impossible to do so.  Over the past few years there have been several African leaders who wanted to Unite Africa under one umbrella, calling it the united States of Africa.  Muamar Gaddaffi had that in mind as well, but, without understanding the extreme diversity of the many peoples who inhabit the African continent, what you typically get is an elite group of elite officials who decide what is best for "ALL" of the African people.  History has shown even with institutions like the UN or the EU, that it is still very difficult to place a single umbrella over a very diverse group of people.

I would also like to mention that, in regard to this article, the focus is more on West African style of dress.  As you can see in my slideshow, that there are different styles of dress across the continent, and while West African style may be prominent or even more popular it does not represent the entire scope of African attire.  It simply has become more popular in the eyes of the Western World who view it, with the same lens they tend to view most things, that is, they tend to pigeon hole and homogenize their perspective rather than take a look at the diversity.  For some reason this diversity, makes it hard for them to understand what they are looking at so they make it easier for them to digest by painting the continent with a broad brush.

The Africans in Diaspora throughout the world also represent a hodgepodge of diverse cultural practices, languages and lifestyles. Then when they migrate to other countries they tend to imbue some of the cultural norms of their new homes, while attempting to hold on to that which they have left behind.

African people from all over the continent have been the brunt of ridicule and racism for at least the past 400 years.  This was primarily done to justify slavery.  But as I have stated before, if anyone wishes to build an empire they would not enlist the services of non-skilled labor to help them do so.  So to think that the Africans that were brought out of Africa to build the "new land" were ignorant and unskilled is a misnomer that needs to be eradicated from the annals of history.  Unfortunately, the Western society and its educational systems have done their level best to perpetrate the falsity that African people were ignorant savages, who knew nothing and had to be trained like animals.  But, quite the contrary, they had to be divested of what they already knew and implanted with the spurious belief that African civilization, culture and mores were inferior to that of the European.

Even in some of the commentary that I receive under some of my videos, it is plain and obvious that people are simply ignorant of the facts and the contributions that Africans and Africa have given to the world.  But that is another video and I won't go into that right here.  But, instead, I will acknowledge that their ignorance is not really their fault, if they were not taught any different, than how can they know any different?  Therefore it's imperative for Black History, African History to be taught all year round as a significant part of the educational curriculum in the schools so that they can be informed of the true contributions that Africa and its people have given to the world.

The invaders found artisans, craftsmen, iron workers, gold smelters, brick layers, masons, farmers, mathematicians, scientists, herbalists, educators, ministers, priests, astronomers, and even magicians when they came to Africa. The idea that the Africans they encountered there were ignorant and uneducated has altered the world view of the African over the past 4-500 years and has cause a great deal of ignorance to prevail around the subject of Africa and its people.

Today, a certain curiosity has developed when it comes to understanding Africa and its people.  However, as it becomes  more and more mainstream, my concern is that even this curiosity will devolve into the same pattern of painting Africa and its people with a broad brush. To understand the African, you must immerse yourself in their culture, social mores and lifestyles.  But, it has to be a specific attribution to a specific territory or region rather than using the "melting pot" scenario. It's a big bite and a long chew, but I would suggest a more localized study of a particular region and especially through their native tongue if you wish to understand them. Otherwise, you will make many mistakes and in some instances offend the indigenous African who knows full well his own culture and that what they do in Swaziland is not what they do in Nigeria!  With that being said, let's go on to the article.

"The Hidden Meanings of African Clothing"

"The Dashiki: The History of a Radical Garment"
Here it is important to note that the term "dashiki"  is a Yoruba word references to the garment worn by men.  The garment that is worn by women is called a Buba.  The man's garment is longer while the women's garment is shorter.  Cultural appropriation of this garment can be scene across the African landscape and the diaspora in a variety of patterns and fabrics with the Angelina print reaching its hayday in the 1960's and having a resurgence in the late first decade of the 21 century.  In fact, various African prints have been used to accentuate several fashion styles and modeling runways.  The customary styles found most prominently in Nigeria and Ghana have become forerunners as their acceptance as traditional African garments are most popular.  

It was once noted to me from an indigenous African, that the garment and patterns themselves mean nothing compared to the individual who's wearing them.  That is, at certain festivals one may notice that everyone is wearing the same or similar print garments.  The individuals wearing these garments are empowered by their own essence and do not squabble about how another may be wearing the same print. The uniformity may have Westerners shying away from "looking like" or wearing something that is the same as another.  Vying for their own uniqueness, they often miss that it is the wearer and not the garment that is unique.

Also, the larger more flowing garment worn by men in Nigeria is called "Agbada" or if worn by women is called the "grand Buba" and the "Ntoma" or large wrapped garment is worn by both men and women in Ghana West Africa.  The shorter version of Dashiki in Ghana has been referred to as "batakari" but Ghanaians will also call the men's top a Dashiki. Additionally, the wrap cloth worn by women is called a "lapa" by many Ghanaians or in their language "atade" or small cloth.
Once you align yourself with the style it is also important to know the country from which it is herald.  Africans among themselves are quite aware of the distinctions between cultures and styles. They can identify one another based on what they are wearing.  However, within the confines of cultural appropriation and a bit of naiveté, a mixing of cultural styles of dress will be seen particular in popular modern fashions.

Moving on to the next article 
"The Dashiki: The History of a Radical Garment"

African Head wear
Again we see a variety of head wear or coverings that bespeak a continent of diverse customs and styles.  The customs vary and may demonstrate the various stations in life of the individual who is wearing them. For example, a married man or woman may wear their head covering in a certain way.  This lets the community know that they are married.  The same is true with those who are unmarried or single.
The head wear symbolizes the complete look, in other words, you are not completely dressed until you have place a "crown" upon your head.  Special occasions, festivals and the like will have the attendees wearing a variety of head wear from simple to extravagant.

In fact, in Ghana, West Africa as well as in Nigeria, a single woman will not wear an over garment or "apron" while the married or elder women will do so.

When indigenous Africans see their cultural garments worn by those who are not indigenous they make certain assumptions about the wearer.  It is only natural that seeing someone wear your cultural garments in a manner that would be inappropriate within the cultural confines of your particular country, community or village would garner a certain aversion from the observer.  In some cases, the observer may even attempt to explain the "appropriate" manner and occasion when such garments should or should not be worn, or simply, shake their heads at the ignorance of the wearer.  Some may even go so far as to be offended.

Recently there was a huge outcry about men wearing "skirts" or "dresses" as it was seen through the Western lens, that these garments were mainly worn by women.  However, if you go back into human history, and take a look at the clothing styles worn by men, you will find that men have been wearing what appeared to be "skirts" or "dresses" for quite some time. The "pants" as a style strictly for men was introduced over the past few centuries while something wrapped around the waist of a man was more often seen.

In Africa, the idea of using a pattern also was outside of the norm. Men and women sewed and were all considered tailors.  In fact, it is quite common to see men sewing particular when it came to the patterns of embroidery that are seen accenting many African prints. It takes a very special skill to create these beautiful "free hand" patterns of embroidery.

The advancement of Islamic or Arabic culture into the African continent has its impact as well in the style of dress and head wear for the men and the women. Interestingly enough, the particular style that is/was worn by the Islamists has much to do with climate and environment. Face coverings, in particular, have been worn by many desert dwellers who are covering their faces to guard against the hot sun and sand.  Over time, this style became equated with "Islamic garb" when in fact it is more the garb of a desert dweller or nomadic person.

Huge debates have been waged as to what is and what is not "Islamic" garb and how and who should wear what. But further study and research will bring to mind, that much of what is worn by a people is indigenous to their surroundings and environment and not necessarily due to their religion.  Do not be confused by this.  There are many people who are Islamic and are quite comfortable wearing Islamic garb in any environment.  The Arabic style has become the Islamic style and many will find no difficulty donning these garments proudly and with great reverence.  To them, it represents what they stand for and has a unifying effect on those who call themselves followers of the Islamic faith.

What I wish to present in this video is the importance of "knowing" what you are wearing and in that way you can avoid erroneous cultural appropriation.  It may seem insignificant to the Western or modern mind, but it means much more than can be stated in a short video on the topic.  Take a moment and do your own research.  Be aware of the political, economic, cultural and even spiritual significance of the African garments you chose to wear.  Educate yourself about the history and purpose of the garments.  Empower yourself with this knowledge.  And share this knowledge with others.

It is one thing to celebrate African History during Black history month by wearing African garb but I feel that it is most important, that we wear Africa in our hearts instead of simply displaying Africa in our styles and fashions.  Let's preserve the significance, meaning and power behind the garb and revel in the knowledge of the diversity as well as the commonality that we find on the African continent and the African Diaspora.

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The Case Against the Invisible Man (A Dream Story) Videos

The Case Against the Invisible Man (A Dream Story)

Today I want to share with you a dream story.  I dream often and many times the are like short stories.  I have always loved writing and reading short stories so my dreams are my muse.
In this video, I will share with you a dream story called: "The Case Against the Invisible Man"
Before you ask, I want you to know that I do flesh out my dreams stories so that they can flow when telling them to you. I dream in vivid detail but in some instances, it's more of a knowing than to say that I actually  "saw" it in the dream Universe. So to make it a more interesting read, I may had a few details that were there in the dream Universe but not specifically.  If you are a dream you know what I mean.
This dream story is comedy with a bit of a  mature audience content.  So be advised, before you share this dream story with your children. 
I suggest that the quickest way to evolve in the development of you spirituality is become completely immersed in the dream Universe.  There is so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding right there for you.  Dreams are Messages from the Soul.

This dream story has 3 parts.

  • The Court Docket
  • Ms. Halu Synate describes the advantages and disadvantages of having an Invisible Lover.
  • And finally, the court proceedings.
  • By all means, enjoy the story, leave your comments below and hopefully you will get a good belly laugh out of it.  Thanks so much for listening and thanks for watching.

  • ____________________________________________________________________

    This story covers the details of a case presented in court, before JUDGE HERKIMER BARTHOLOMEW JOHNSON
    US District Court Docket 777555408
    Date: January 74, 2018
    Court of Common Pleas
    District 69
    City: Moronsville
    State: Woodenunoit Township, KS, USA
    Residing Judge: Judge Herkimer Bartholomew Johnson

    Complainant: MS. HALOU SYNATE
    Legal Counsel: MS. HALOU SYNATE represents self
    Defendant: MR. AJM UNCEEN
    Legal Counsel: Unknown. Defendant was unable to secure counsel due to circumstances beyond his control, i.e., he could not appear.

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of having An Affair with An Invisible Man

    The Advantages:

    Has this ever happen to you.  Have you ever been ravished by an Invisible Man.
    It happens to some of the best of us, and maybe a few of the worst of us, but it can happen and I am here to tell you my story. I have a very intriguing story to tell, I have been having an affair with an invisible man.  I mean this man, when he comes over he rocks me in the cradle of love, and I rocks back.

    You don't have to worry about catching any diseases. Or what your body looks like or smells like. You don't have to fix your hair.
    It doesn't matter what you have on, you can have on all your clothes or none of your clothes.
    You can wear whatever you like, new or old. Something flattering to your shape or size or just an old t-shirt with holes in it.
    You don't have to get up and fix it breakfast in the morning or polish his shoes, motivate him or tell him how handsome he is. You don't have to pay his bills, nurse him to health or protect his fragile ego.
    Every once in a while they may get fragile because they want it to seem like you are immensely so charged by their invisibility, that when they come on the scene you can't help yourself.
    So they may need some type of energetic response from you like "oohs" and "aahs" and count your orgasms.  They might want to see you move your toosh around a bit, do the sexual dance. The one where you roll your hips around just so he can feel you are dancing for him a little bit. After that you can just lay da fuq there.

    He can come at any time. He can come while you are standing in the bank line or talking with someone. He can come when you are fixing dinner for your ownself.  Or when you are standing naked in the middle of the floor. He responds to your every wish and will happily oblige you.  I even heard that multiple female orgasm causes weight loss. Since he is invisible you can have hundreds in one day!

    Now there are some disadvantages but not too many.
    He can't put out the trash or walk the dog, you have to do that yourself.

    And, if you are really good at communicating with this invisible man, you might hear him tell you how beautiful you are. He might even tell you he loves you, just to keep you going. So you won't have any doubt in your mind that you are being ravished by an invisible man who loves you. Now,  above all the things that you could possibly enjoy and extremely cherish, is the fact that the invisible man, loves you.

    He says, "I might be invisible, but that don't mean I don't love you. I'm just invisible."

    One of the Key advantages to this invisibility, you don't have to deal with the friction, so you can entertain him all the damn day.

    And if your invisible man is really talented, he'll put your ass on a schedule.  He will wake you up and tuck you in at night!

    The invisible man can keep you aroused all in your sleep. Make you have orgasm all while you are sleeping and you can't accuse him of rape or molestation or any like that, can't you see yourself in court, trying to accuse the invisible man?

    Well maybe not, but I can and that is exactly what I did! Things got out of hand and so I had to take him to court.


    Order in the court. Order in the court!  All Rise!

    "Ma'am………? So it appears that you wish to bring a case before the court, you have an accusation that you would care for the court to address."
    "Yes, I do, your honor. I have a case that I would like to bring before the court."
    "Yes Ma'am, what is it? Please state your case."
    "Well, you see, I want to report a rape."
    "Okay Ma'am, did you do your rape kit? Did you go and get that done?"
    "Yeah, I got that done and there were no physical signs of rape."
    "Okay Ma'am, so why are you here if there were no signs of it?"
    "Well the only signs I had was that my honey pot was dripping."
    "Okay, your honey pot was dripping, Ma'am?"
    "Yes it was, and actually it's been going on for at least two months, that I have found myself being ravished and it's happening while I am asleep."
    "Ma'am, you are being raped in your sleep, Ma'am?"
    "Yes, it seems that our activities when I am awake are not enough for him, so he continues to get it, to engage, with me, while I am asleep. In fact, he wakes me up, and I always thought that if there's no consent there, that it could be called rape."
    "Okay Ma'am, you are being approached while you are sleeping.  So Ma'am, I am trying to understand what is your case that you wish to bring against this…  Who is this person, do you have a name for this person?"
    "Well, I have a pet name for him. Because I noticed that when I call his name, he shows up."
    "Ma'am, you are in a relationship with the person that you are accusing of raping you, Ma'am?"
    "Well see, what had happened was, your honor, one day I was feeling like I wanted to experiment to see that  if I gave him a name, would he come whenever I wanted him to, because before then, he was the one who decided to come visit me. You know sometimes you want a visitor and other times you don't want a visitor. So I need to be sure that I could control the visits when I wanted them, instead of waiting for him to decide when "he" would visit me.  So I gave him a pet name and I've been using that name ever since, your honor."
    "Ma'am, do you think this is the right place to plead your case. Maybe you might want to talk to a psychiatrist."
    "No, I don't need a psychiatrist, I am not crazy. I have been ravished, I have been molested, I have been raped, I have been over taken, I have been possessed, by an invisible man. And I want to plead my case in this court of law, your honor. Because I didn't mind being ravished when I was awake, but this whole thing about ravishing me in my sleep, and I thought that when you are not conscious and they come and get you, that you can bring a case against them."
    "But Ma'am, you have no proof, the rape kit came back negative, there's no semen……….…"
    "No, that's right, there's no semen, but I got plenty of juice to show you. In fact your honor, if you like, I can demonstrate how he does it."
    "Ma'am, that will not be necessary. Thank you.  Will you please continue with your story."
    "Okay, well, one day in a small country town known as Moronsville, KS, a tall dark and handsome hunk of a man sat in my living room. Yes he did. And we had a business meeting and so during that meeting, we exchanged loving long glances at one another. I looked at him and he… looked at me.
    "Well is he invisible yet?"
    "No, no, no, he's not invisible yet. No, no, no he's not invisible. He's not an apparition not just yet, he is in the physical and he is fine as the day is long. Yes, that's right.
    Several years later, I started noticing that he was lurking within the deep recesses and corners of my home."
    "Is he, is he, is he still visible, Ma'am."
    "Oh no, the visible man hasn't been around since who knows da fuq how long that's been. Who da fuq knows when the last time his physical ass been here, I ain't talking about his physical ass.  I'm talking about……. Oh, excuse me, pardon my vernacular. No he has not returned in the physical flesh as of yet."
    "Oh, I see Ma'am so continue with your story, it's quite intriguing."
    "Yes, it is, you can't even imagine how amazing it is to be ravished by an invisible man. And I have no complaints about being ravished. It's just when the ravishing continues throughout the day, when I'm standing, when I'm walking, when I'm talking, when I'm working, those moments, when I am a little indispose to entertain my invisible man. Yes, those are the times, when I feel the most vulnerable,  and may have him feel like 'Damn, you mean to tell me that you don't want me to visit you now?"
    "Uh Yeah, I do want you to visit me, I just don't want you to visit me now."
    "Well, that's what I asked you, that you don't want me to visit you now."
    "No, because see, I have things to do, and when you are in there visiting me, I get distracted, I can't concentrate and all of that.  So that's why it's best that you come when I'm not doing something."
    That's how you have to communicate with him, you know, because his feelings will get hurt, if you don't be nice to him.  Although I do have a magic word. It's like a magic bullet! It's like a silver bullet! That word right there, all I have to do is say that word and poof! He disappears!
    But he ravishes my body, and takes me places I have never been before on the physical plane.  Then it got out of hand one day, and that's why I'm in court, because it got out of hand. It seriously got out of hand, because up until that point I didn't have no problems with my invisible man.  It was going on for years, your honor. I mean, I had no problems with my affair with my invisible man.  I didn't have to worry about his family or his friends, I didn't have to worry about my family and my friends.  Nobody had to know that he was coming to visit me, 4 and 5 times a day. No one knew, it was a secret."
    "But Ma'am, you said he was invisible, though."
    "Yes he is, he can't help himself, he has to be invisible. He doesn't want anyone to see him. He's invisible because he has to be invisible. There's no way around that."
    "Okay Ma'am, he's invisible."
     "But you are having an affair with him though aren't you?."
    "Yes, yes I am, it's a fascinating affair, it's so amazing, it's so amazing. I have never had the type of orgasms I have had with this man."
    "It may appear a bit strange to you. I understand that, you might think the physical orgasms are much more profound than the orgasms from an invisible man, but I'm here to tell you, having felt what a visible man can do, I tell you right here, and I tell you right now, I prefer the invisible man. Yeah!"
    "Okay, Ma'am."
    "Yes so, let me tell you my story. So, it's been years since he has been in my physical presence.  But in the meantime and in between time, he has entertained me from the invisible realm."
    "Yes I kid you not. In fact, the entertainment is so profound that I am speechless afterwards. In fact, I often fall into a deep hypnotic trance."
    "Okay Ma'am, a deep hypnotic trance you fall into?."
    "Yes, I do, I kid you not"
    "Okay, and so after this deep hypnotic trance, how do you feel?"
    "Oh, I feel wonderful, I feel wonderful, I feel… oh, I just can't even describe, it's indescribable."
    "Okay, so why are we in court Ma'am. If you are having an affair with an invisible man who is making you feel all these kinds of ways, so why are you in court?"
    "Well you see, the reason I am in court is because I had read somewhere that, when someone takes advantage of you, if you are sleeping and someone decides to come in there and sit on you and penetrate you, and he didn't ask you, he kind of got in there, it might be something that I need to have addressed in a court of law."
    "Yes Ma'am but didn't you say that this man is invisible."
    "Oh certainly he is, but does invisibility have anything to do with the law of the land? How does it not apply to him, if he's visible and he does it or if he's invisible and he does it? He broke the law and that is my point"
    "Okay Ma'am he broke the law."
    "Exactly, this is what I am trying to explain to you. So let me finish my story. So one day we were enjoying ourselves."
    "You were enjoying yourselves?"
    "Yes, we were, we were having quite a wonderful time together. And then, he said he wanted to, well you know that thing they do, he said he wanted to do that, and when he did it, OMG,  well, I mean after he reached his peak and he released himself, I followed suit and before I knew it I was releasing for 24 hours, afterwards."
    "Ma'am, releasing what?"
    "Oh my dear, you don't want me to be that specific do you?"
    "Oh yes, Ma'am, it would help with gathering the evidence in this case, it will help our case and help us determine whether or not the invisible man is guilty of the charges being pressed against him. So we need to have all the facts. So Ma'am, let's go back to your story."
    "Yes, so he released himself, I released myself but I never stopped releasing, I continued to release for 24 hours afterwards."
    "Okay, were you able to Participate with any of your other activities?"
    "Your honor, I think this line of questioning is inappropriate, I mean I don't wish to override your position as the judge in this hearing, but I'm beginning to think that you are looking more for details about our experiences together, more so than looking at the fact!!! That I was asleep."
    " Well Ma'am the more evidence you give us, the more certain we can be of providing the justice that you seek and deserve."
    "Alright sir, I really don't want to get into some details because when you asked me about releasing myself, what does that have to do with anything."
    "Well Ma'am, you added that to the story, and so we thought we would engage you and follow along with your story because that's what you are telling us, that you released yourself."
    "Yes I did, your honor, but that has nothing to do with  the fact that I was asleep, and I just finished reading that when someone enters your lair while you are asleep, and takes advantage of you, you can accuse them, take them to court and have them prosecuted. Oh I must admit, too. I am not too sure, but he may be even drugging me. I am beginning to believe during the waking times that he is drugging me, I do tend to think that is exactly what is happening."
    "Ma'am are the drugs invisible too?"
    "Well of course the drugs are invisible. How could he, an invisible man, carry a physical drug and give it to me.   Seriously judge you should know that. You have been a judge for a very long time. And certain things you should not need to ask. And it would be obvious that if he's an invisible man, that his drugs are  invisible as well.  I don't understand why you are even asking this, the invisibility of his drugs.  I am telling you about the effects of his drugs. I'm talking about the effects of his drugs, not the fact of whether they are visible, that's obvious that they are invisible, obviously!"
    "Okay Ma'am, it's obvious that his drugs are invisible and you are having an effect……...."
    "Yes, that's right, when he drugs me up, I am out of my mind, I can't think, I can't walk, I can't talk, I just fall off to sleep and have the most awesome dreams, but that is irrelevant, the fact that I dream after he comes. But that's irrelevant to the case here, but what I would like to express and stress is that when he comes….. and drugs me, I found out that that was incorrect, I found out that that was against the law,  that you are not supposed to drug somebody and then take advantage of them, and so I wanted to add that, but I don't know if that's a different case or anything, or if it's evidence that you need for this particular case, all I know is that I read up on it."
    "Okay Ma'am, can you please continue."
    "Certainly, no problem, I am saying that I am having an affair with this very awesome invisible man. I had no problem with having an affair with him. It's been going on for years. Matter of fact it's been going on for 9 years.  Yes, he'd show up in my dreams and ravish me, then he started showing up in my visions, and then the visions got more and more powerful, and before long, he was there all the time."
    "Okay Ma'am so, you're saying he's invisible, but you can envision him you can see him, you can actually see him?"
    "Yes, I can see him, he's only invisible to you. You can't see him."
    "So I decided to use the term "invisible" just so that "you" could understand why "you" don't see him.  It should make logical sense to anyone who hears this story.  You can't see him because he's only visible to me."
    "that's right! And it's very true."
    "Yes Ma'am, and so continue."
    "So after many years of just showing up in my dreams, he decided to come visit me. Yes he did. And the visits, I must say were quite exquisite, I totally enjoyed them. You see when you deal with an invisible man, it don't cost as much time in your preparation for him, you don't have to put on make up. You know, girls like to make up themselves when they are about to have, a visitor.  So you don't even have to shower.  You don't have to polish your nails. Nope, you don't have to do none of those things. It's quite an amazing opportunity to just BE YOU! Be yourself, your all beautiful self, it's an opportunity to just love yourself, you don't have to worry about being judge for not being pretty enough, or tall enough or, you know, all of those things that women tend to bother themselves with. You don't have to do any of that, you just be "You".
    "Okay Ma'am."
    "I've also lost a lot of weight, at least 30 pounds!"
    "Ma'am, we are not here to talk about your weight loss plan."
    "I'm saying it's quite an intriguing and amazing opportunity to just discover who you are without all the trappings of make-up and jewelry and accessories and smell good stuff, where you just can be in your own smells. If you pass gas, he doesn't care, and you can release yourself in other ways. It doesn't bother him. There's no judging of you or anything that you do. So in that regard, I think it's quite a healthy relationship to have because you don't have to be anything but who you are. And who would not want to have that type of relationship with someone?"
    "But Ma'am you're in court accusing him of raping you. And so if he's raping you, how is that…….?"
    "Excuse me judge, I just wanted to explain to you that I read that anybody who comes to you and attempts to have sex with you while you are asleep that is a form of rape."
    "Yes Ma'am it can be considered that.  Did you ask him to leave or anything?  Did you demand that he stop? Did you call the police?"
    "Well, your honor, I have to admit that, No, no and no. But I still feel that I have a case because of what I read on the internet, it's considered rape."
    "But  you didn't ask him to stop, you didn't demand that he leave, and you didn't call the police to report this crime that was being waged against you."
    "No your honor, I did not. No I did not. It never occurred to me until after I read the article on the internet."
    "Okay Ma'am you read the article on the internet."
    "Yes I did, I read it on the internet and it said that…...  And not to mention those drugs, he drugs me every time. Yes he does. I tried to keep my mind open. He's almost like Bill Cosby with the Quaaludes."
    "Ma'am we are not talking about the Bill Cosby case today, okay?."
    "I'm just saying, isn't that what Bill Cosby did, he rendered them asunder by giving them drugs. Yes, that's what he did, I know about that.  Terrible man that he is."
    "Ma'am, we wanna keep ourselves focused on this particular case right here with your particular situation."
    "It's okay, I don't mind focusing on my situation I just want you to know that I am aware of other situations that are similar to mine.  The only difference is that the man who's giving me the drugs is invisible, that's the only difference, I don't see how anything else can be different. I don't see it at all.  They come to you, they visit you, right. They invite you to come visit them. They invite you to come and play with them, all of that good stuff.  And then, once they've gotten your trust, they go for the kill. That's what I'm talking about. I was under the impression that he ws a nice guy and all his wondrous invisibility, and those brown eyes of his."
    "Ma'am how do you know what color his eyes are? If he's invisible, how do you even know?"
    "Oh I told you already. Your honor, You're not doing your job very well, you're not a very good listener. I already told you that "you" are the only people who cannot see him.  I can see him. Exactly, your honor, I can see him!"
    "Okay,  Ma'am you can see him, but nobody else can?"
    "No Of course not, your honor, that is why I am here. Because if no one else can see him, this would be an unbelievable story. No one would believe me, unless I took him to court, that's why I am here, I need to take his ass to court. That's what I need to do"
    "Okay Ma'am you need to take him to court. "
    "Exactly he needs be in front of you, your honor so he can plead his case because he's guilty as hell."
    "Ma'am So let's look at this again, what is he guilty of?"
    "He's guilty of taking advantage of...… I said this already, your honor you're not doing your job, you're not doing your job. Is there anyway I can get another judge for this case, because I am really beginning to be concerned that this judge is not doing a good job of listening to me. I've explained to him my issues and my story and he's asking me questions about things that I already told him.  I don't understand what his problem is."
    "No Ma'am, sorry about that, the judge you got is the judge you keep. You can't be exchanging judges. You can throw out your lawyer, but you can't throw out the judge. Sorry about that Ma'am, so continue."
    "Okay, well I thought this was justice, but obviously it's not. When it comes to the judges they get to do anything they wish.  So I want to talk again about the aspect of being drugged, drugged, continuously drugged. I begged him, I said please, don't knock me out."
    "Oh Ma'am we need to go back to the color of his eyes.. Are you gonna explain to us how you know the color of his eyes?"
    "Yes, I know the color of his eyes, they're…... Your Honor, I already explained that to you. If I can see him, than surely I can see what color his eyes are! They're brown and beautiful."
    "Okay Ma'am if you say so."
    "I say so.  But I still do not know why that is relevant. I have explained to you my story, and how he has taken advantage of me.  I am in this court before you your honor, because I want to get justice.  This man has entrapped me, ensnared me, pulled me into his invisible charms.  He has drugged me and left me in a hypnotic trance. Then I read on the internet that this behavior is criminal and I would like to know, your honor, what are you going to do about it? He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!"
    "Well Ma'am, I must say that your situation is quite different from any that I have ever seen in my long history of being a judge.  We have often had cases where the defendant did not appear. However in your case the defendant seems to be incapable of appearing as he seems to choose not to.  If that be the case, what can we do?  We do not have invisible guards who can put invisible handcuffs on him and take him to an invisible jail. What would you suggest that we do?"
    "Well, I don't know what you can do. I only know that I have a case, and that I have followed due process in presenting it to you, and now you are asking "me" what to do?  I am curious as to how you even became a judge, much less remain a judge for such a long time.  Are your constituents aware of your ineptitude?"
    "Ma'am have you ever heard of contempt of court?"
    "Well, yes, I have heard of it, but I'm not too sure exactly what that means.  What does that mean, your honor?"
    "It means that if you continue to insult me, I can have a visible guard, place visible handcuffs on you and take you off to a visible jail."
    "Wow, really your honor? You mean to tell me that with all the evidence I have presented to you, that you would find me guilty of a crime and not the accused?"
    "Well Ma'am unless the accused can appear in court before this bench, you my dear, will have to bare the brunt of any inappropriate behavior, language and innuendos about my authority, etc. Since he is not here challenging my authority and you are, it would be perfectly legal for me to charge you and have you committed. So I would strongly suggest, that you proceed cautiously from this point further in the manner that you address me.  Is that understood, Ma'am?"
    "Yes, I understand. I certainly do understand. I also see that the scales of justice are a bit out of balance and that my case is not going to receive the justice I desire and deserve."
    "Well Ma'am here is what I can do for you. If he can make an appearance in this court 5 days from now, we will review his defense and make a decision. Until then, your story is quite unbelievable, so I strongly suggest that you be very cautious about entertaining him in the future.  Court dismissed!"

    Sunday, December 24, 2017

    Christmas & White Supremacy/Capitalism/Consumerism (Videos)

    Christmas and White Supremacy/ Capitalism/Consumerism

    Well, YouTube is demonetizing all my Christmas rant videos.  I must say that I am not too surprised by that. Part of the reason why I have saved this video for last in the series of Nana's 2017 Christmas Rant.  This one will probably put me deep into the YouTube Doghouse for sure.  But it needs to be said.  Not only for people of color or those who don't even participate in Christianity or Christian festivities, but knowing that Christianity is the major religion of this world, it certainly has its impact on many who do not subscribe to the Christian Doctrine. 
    We cannot ignore that the Pope still resides as the biggest leader of any religious institution in the world.  We see the reverence he receives from people of all walks of life, from heads of states to other religious leaders.  So we can try to pretend that this Christmas Psyops has no impact on the world stage, but we would be simply kidding ourselves.  So today, I am going to talk about the even deeper more pervasive influence these Christmas festivities have on folks around the world.

    Is it just me? 

    How is it that having a European looking man, with blonde hair and blue eyes, from the middle east elevated to the status of God, is NOT promoting white supremacy?

    Throughout this Christmas Season, folks will be peppering their house, lawns, schools and churches and every where else with the image of a "white" child in a manger purported to be GOD incarnate. A so-called Christmas celebration that really is a cloak for white supremacy.

    Think about it, from now on it will be quite alright for Jesus to be depicted as White! All over the world from the deepest jungles to the highest skyscrapers, Jesus will not represent every racial group or ethnicity, he, his parents and most of everyone around down to the angels and even Santa, will all be white.

    He will be lauded as the Savior of the entire world!  He will be the bona-fide super hero for everyone to worship and adore.  Just listen to the lyrics of many of the Christmas carols that will be sung all through this season.

    A small community of folks who carry his modern day skin tone, and I say modern day because it is very clear that a blonde haired, blue eyed person is hard pressed to come out of the Middle East.  For all intents and purposes, if he was born in Bethlehem, he had dark hair and dark eyes and possibly a tone of brown skin.  However, that image has been confiscated and now he is represented world wide as of European or actually of Aryan stock.  History has been changed to the point that the original image of this so-called Savior of the world has lightened all the way from Semitic to European.  What else can it be called other than the perpetration of white supremacy?

    This "White Jesus" is hanging in the homes, hostels, churches, stores, and other places all over the world.  People of all nationalities get to call this White Man, their Savior.  They are encouraged to worship and adore this "White Jesus".  Congregations from around the globe hold this image in their hearts and on their Church walls.  An image of a man who looks nothing like them or their ancestors.  An image that people will futilely debate over, saying it does not matter what color his skin is, knowing full well, it certainly does.  People will argue with one another if they attempt to depict him as Semitic, African, Chinese, East Indian or any other ethnicity  than European.  Even though there have been serious debate over the origin of this image, its correlation to Caesar or other historical figures of the pre-Christian Era, people will continue to battle over his ethnicity.  To me, they are missing the point.  His ethnicity is key, and it is the sword that slices through all debates, because it is mandatory that he remain European, thereby keeping the European in the position of power and authority over the entire world.  It's a very interesting psychological phenomenon that few even attempt to talk about, much less equate it to "White Supremacy".

    If people are adoring an image of a Savior that does not in the slightest resemble them they are dis-empowered psychologically.  If the God you worship does not resemble you, then anything that does resemble you is ultimately a second class citizen.  Moreover, how often has the so called "devil" been depicted as black or dark brown and the bad guys wear the black hats. 

    I did a video entitled, "Is Diversity A Weapon Against White People?" which of course YouTube promptly demonetized, but how in the world can White people fear annihilation when the Savior of the entire world is a White European?  This concept confuses me greatly.  People day in and day out are worshipping a White European God as Lord and Savior.  People are paying tithes in their churches so that this White European God can prevail for the next week's sermons.  It boggles my mind that they would not realize the deep distortions that occur inside of those, other than European Whites, who suffer to see that their Savior looks nothing like their Ancestors.  And changing him to black, or Chinese, or any other ethnicity, won't cut the mustard, because the standard remains the same, Blonde hair and Blue eyes and on some good days we may get brown eyes, but he is certainly of European extraction.

    What a mind f***ck that must be for everybody!

    They get to promote White Supremacy unabashed and take your money in the process. People keep saying folks are waking up, but this time of year makes me wonder if folks are just turning over and hitting the snooze button.

    And as I have shown in my video entitled, "Channelers' Alert: Do You Celebrate Christmas?" we see the entities they channel seem to be of European ethnicity with a smattering of an Indian guru here and there.  We also see depictions of ET's with blonde hair and blue eyes.  This clearly shows that even the Ascended masters and other worldlies must look like White Europeans in order to cut the mustard.  For an ethnic group that is in the minority compared to others around the globe, they have certainly cornered the market on holiness, mastery, wisdom, piety, etc. etc., and ergo, the perpetuation of the White European Savior of the World, even in the New Age Movement. And mind you, it is only here recently that any color got in the mix.  And you can simply forget about any ET's being depicted as African, Chinese or East Indian.  The ratio of those who appear of European ethnicity compared to any other ethnic group is a true sign of the subliminal message of White Supremacy.

    What do I suggest?
    I suggest the truth, the real story... 

    No trees in houses; 
    No more tree farms for the purpose of chopping them down for folks to drag into their houses; 
    No more high electric bills from burning lights all day and night. 
    No more competitions about who's house is burning the most Christmas lights in the most beautiful way; 
    No more suicides because of feeling unloved during these times; 
    No gifts given to folks when it ain't their birthday; 
    No jacking up commercialism and credit card debt; 
    No more propaganda through movies; TV; radio; advertisements; etc. seducing people into buy, consume, buy, consume; 
    No false promises; 
    No so-called "Christmas Parties" where people only go to "see" what someone else is gonna give them; 
    No more pretending that "Jesus" was born on Dec. 25; 
    No more trashing the vibration of the Winter Solstice with greed and avarice. 
    No more soup kitchens once a year to feed the homeless; feed them all year; 
    No more Santa Claus lies; while chastising our children for lying; 
    No more thousands upon thousands if Not millions of turkeys; chickens; sheep; pigs and cows being slaughtered; 
    No more stuffing the gut with GMO laden food dishes;
    No more lies; 
    No more betrayals;

    These are some of the things I suggest. 

    If you really want to let the banksters know the real deal; don't buy anything till January 30th that is Not necessary for sustenance. 

    And finally; what would "Jesus" say if he came back and saw how much BS is going on in his name. Of course I confer that if he really exists than he sees it already. And judging with what they say about him; I am sure he is and would be appalled. And then they took his original image; if there ever really was one; and made him look like a European!!

    Come on; why did they do that? The original Jews did Not look like that. But I digress. 
    Unless this "Jesus" is a megalomaniac; I would suggest; he is shaking his head pretty hard at this foolishness.

    Megalomaniac: "1. A psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth; power; or omnipotence.
    2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions."

    Saturday, December 23, 2017

    The Exploitation of Christmas (Videos)

    The Exploitation of Christmas
    I am continuing my Holiday rant for personal reasons that I won't go into now but I just gotta say this….

    Okay folks, you all know I am a rebel with a cause. I don't celebrate these holidays. But for those of you who do and want to know what I will say when you wish me "Merry Christmas", here is my response when from your Christmasy heart you wonder if I will wish you the same. 

    It's so annoying to be expected to reciprocate. When you give a gift, verbal or otherwise, do you stick out your other hand expecting reciprocity? If so, how genuine is your gift giving in the first place?

    So here's my response to those who expect me to say Merry Christmas back to them.  I would say, "I wish you long life, health and wealth, in mind body and spirit."

    Christmas is a capitalistic hoax perpetrated on the public to get them further into debt. It's rooted in a lie that Jesus was born on that day when in fact it is a celebration of the Solstice and the promised return to life by Nimrod's mother. The lights on the tree are the worship of Nimrod. Trees do not belong in the house, and the Christian Bible tells you so. It amazes me that so many Christians who flail against paganism and devil worship get caught up in this every year. Santa Claus history goes back to ancient times of child sacrifice. Why do Christians do this year after year?

    Folks need to research the real history of this holiday, which ain't holy at all. If they did, maybe they would abandon this pagan festival. 

    I get a lot of grief in the comment section about my videos where I am doing psychic readings, yet I bet you a plug nickel those same folks got a tree in their house with balls hanging from it that represent the sun.  Not to mention if they have small children, they are lying to them about some jolly ole' Saint Nick character that's gonna put presents under that tree.  You can't have it both ways, point a finger at me, call me demonic and then go on to participate in this Christmas psyops.

    Didn't the Christ abhor the profusion of senseless buying and selling? Didn't he throw the changers out of the Temple?

    So many people die and are depressed during these times because they cannot keep up the facade of opulence. People get angry over gift giving.

    In fact, I always say, who ever heard of a "birthday party" where everyone else gets gifts.  If it's Jesus' birthday, why are people giving gifts to each other?  What is the gift that these folks are giving to Jesus?  Are they giving the gift of life to the innocence?  Are they dedicating themselves to feeding the homeless or visiting the sick?  Are they following in the footsteps of Jesus by loving their neighbors?  Are they speaking kindly to one another?  Do they treat others as they would have others treat them?  What type of New Year's resolutions are they really making that have nothing to do with their own self interests but the in the interest of making this world a better place to live in?

    Or, do they realize that by placing gifts under a Christmas tree that they are making pagan offerings to Nimrod, the Sun God.  Well, I bet he knows that.

    This cycle of exploitation has got to be a thorn in the side of the very person it is supposed to celebrate!

    Millions of dollars make the rich man richer and the poor man poorer.

    So I send you a love offering that I hope will last the duration of your life on this planet. Long life, health and wealth, in mind, body and spirit, Beloved.
    SAY "YES" TO LOVE365.

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