Saturday, November 13, 2010

Darwin's theory not supported by geological history

Paul Hamaker

Charles Darwin's theory of gradual evolution is not supported by geological history, New York University Geologist Michael Rampino concludes in an essay in the journal Historical Biology on November 9, 2010. In fact, Rampino notes that a more accurate theory of gradual evolution, positing that long periods of evolutionary stability are disrupted by catastrophic mass extinctions of life, was put forth by Scottish horticulturalist Patrick Matthew prior to Darwin's published work on the topic.

Examiner - Dawrin's Theory not supported by Geological History

"Matthew discovered and clearly stated the idea of natural selection, applied it to the origin of species, and placed it in the context of a geologic record marked by catastrophic mass extinctions followed by relatively rapid adaptations," says Rampino, whose research on catastrophic events includes studies on volcano eruptions and asteroid impacts. "In light of the recent acceptance of the importance of catastrophic mass extinctions in the history of life, it may be time to reconsider the evolutionary views of Patrick Matthew as much more in line with present ideas regarding biological evolution than the Darwin view."

Matthew (1790-1874), Rampino notes, published a statement of the law of natural selection in a little-read Appendix to his 1831 book Naval Timber and Arboriculture. Even though both Darwin and his colleague Alfred Russel Wallace acknowledged that Matthew was the first to put forth the theory of natural selection, historians have attributed the unveiling of the theory to Darwin and Wallace. Darwin's notebooks show that he arrived at the idea in 1838, and he composed an essay on natural selection as early as 1842—years after Matthew's work appeared. Darwin and Wallace's theory was formally presented in 1858 at a science society meeting in London. Darwin's Origin of Species appeared a year later.

In the Appendix of Naval Timber and Arboriculture, Matthew described the theory of natural selection in a way that Darwin later echoed: "There is a natural law universal in nature, tending to render every reproductive being the best possibly suited to its condition…As the field of existence is limited and pre-occupied, it is only the hardier, more robust, better suited to circumstance individuals, who are able to struggle forward to maturity…"

However, in explaining the forces that influenced this process, Matthew saw catastrophic events as a prime factor, maintaining that mass extinctions were crucial to the process of evolution: "...all living things must have reduced existence so much, that an unoccupied field would be formed for new diverging ramifications of life... these remnants, in the course of time moulding and accommodating ... to the change in circumstances."

When Darwin published his Origin of Species nearly three decades later, he explicitly rejected the role of catastrophic change in natural selection: "The old notion of all the inhabitants of the Earth having been swept away by catastrophes at successive periods is very generally given up," he wrote. Instead, Darwin outlined a theory of evolution based on the ongoing struggle for survival among individuals within populations of existing species. This process of natural selection, he argued, should lead to gradual changes in the characteristics of surviving organisms.

However, as Rampino notes, geological history is now commonly understood to be marked by long periods of stability punctuated by major ecological changes that occur both episodically and rapidly, casting doubt on Darwin's theory that "most evolutionary change was accomplished very gradually by competition between organisms and by becoming better adapted to a relatively stable environment."

"Matthew's contribution was largely ignored at the time, and, with few exceptions, generally merits only a footnote in modern discussions of the discovery of natural selection," Rampino concludes. "Others have said that Matthew's thesis was published in too obscure a place to be noticed by the scientific community, or that the idea was so far ahead of its time that it could not be connected to generally accepted knowledge. As a result, his discovery was consigned to the dustbin of premature and unappreciated scientific ideas

My Comments:
What I find noteworthy is that so-called scientists can create theories, or formulas to support them, and people go along with it without question. This article brings up some really good questions, and asks, what were we thinking, when we said it made sense, then began to teach this to our children and theirs in the schools. The idea of mass extinction must be looked at with a serious eye. If even that was the case, where did the species of "left-over" beings go, and how did they survive, and how come we still seem to have some of the same species that we had thousands of years ago? And why did it take just a few thousand to accomplish what millenium took to accomplish, and how do you explain people coming from all over the planet? And how do you explain specific animals in specific reasons, particularly after the cataclysms. I'm a scientist, because I ask questions. My questions are valid in light of the many distortions we have received from our "paid scientist" Maybe I am generalizing too much, but I can't help but wonder, how certain scientists hit the big time, while others are relegated to the back room, of antiquity. Too often Europeans cannot get outside of their own illusion that they "created the thinking mind" and forget that there were researchers back to antiquities who knew much much more than scientists know today. Not to mention how much scientists don't tell us what they know. It reminds me of a political debate where neither side is telling the whole truth. And then there is this huge chasm between the scientific world and the spiritual world!! Okay, let me get off my soapbox.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Reality Transmission

November 11th, 2010 at 11:11pm EST

We're striving for one million poeple acorss the gloabe to hold it down for all humanity. Join us in a global meditation sending love, peace and positive vibes to the universe for a healtheir, happier planet earth and population. You can meditate on peace, tolerance, the end of environmental destruction, etc.


I was beginning to wonder and rant and wonder and rant some more. It is all about intention, and some folks get so caught up in the 11:11 that they miss the real deal. It is only 11:11 because we said so, we follow an illusionary clock that gives us no accurate "time" at all. Time is an illusion, yet we are tied to it as if we cannot live without checking in on the time....
For real for real, it will be 11:11 in enough places for about two days, I am guessing... And if I want to, I will create my 11:11 and feel quite happy about it. yes, yes, yes, active/lucid dreaming counts because if you can do it in a dream, it is a piece of cake here in this reality which is really just another layer of the DREAM.
I surely do want world peace... but do we know what that is?? Would we recognize it if we saw it? What are we willing to give up? How much does the status quo, the everyday life, we live impact on the peaceful existence of others in the world? Are our heads merely in the clouds? Are we ready for the changes, the overall changes that would entail? and do we realize that we live in a polarity... so chaos must exist for us to know peace, some say.
And how do we get this out to everybody? Folks who don't have internet, who live on a farm or in the bush? Are they not necessary for this? And if not, then how is this process any different from any other 144k projections of the some, and not the many. I am just wondering, because frankly, after watching the video, it did not seem to include most of the people I know.
And what about free will??? Do we simply pray/meditate for the others whether they want us to or not? Personally, I believe that Peace is a constant personal journey. If we do not find peace/harmony/love/respect within our own selves and our own lives... we would be remiss to make this happen on a larger scale. How many of us, just need to focus and visualize balance in our own backyards??? How many of us need to stop fighting with our close friends and family and loved ones?
World Peace is certainly and ideal, a goal, but that Peace comes with the disruption of many, many long standing things.... that I am wondering are we aware of. Cause if we are not prepared for the disruptions... then we will not see CHANGE TOWARDS PEACE, PEACEFUL AT ALL!! Which takes me back to inner Peace, one person at a time, and World Peace is the only consequence when each person takes responsibility for their addition to and subtraction from Peaceful existence on this planet.


I just needed to get this out of my system... I hope I sound sane, because I am, but it may be a little weird coming from me, and then maybe not.

Someone posted this New Reality transmission thing in my messages. For starters, I really get a little irritated... by all this New Age mumbo jumbo that is going around these days.

It gets me that in their presentations, there is hardly any people of color; indigenous; poor; muslim, hindu, buddhist, etc., not to mention folks of traditional African spirituality.

That's number one.

Then they try to persuade us, each having their own path and mission to the Chamber. They are literally in-fighting amongst themselves, some saying their dog is bigger, better, mightier than the other. To me, how can this be about the co-mingling of minds and energy when they are so exclusive? Some of them charge so much money, it ain't funny, and others are just not reachable. What if you don't have Internet? What if you don't have access to funding to take a trip to East Jablip? What if these concepts are simply over your head and you cannot grasp, what the heck they are talking about? What if you are your average Joe Blow from Kokomo? Then, would it not seem that you will just be "left behind?" No access to Ascension?

Anyway, I could barely get through this video... This thing about time and meeting at a certain time, 1 million people, meet at 11/11. Or else, you won't be a part of the wave......? We all know that time is an illusion, but to try to make folks get to it at exactly 11:11 PM is a big stretch to me, and then starting with Eastern Standard Time, which ain't standard at all!!

I'm just saying!!! This new age movement has been hijacked by the Cointelpro... and they are asking folks to "re-program" this New World Reality into their new world view..... Well, that smells fishy to me, and I just can't by it. They are asking for 1 million people to join the wave, then they want you to sign up, so they can see who you are. Then they can use their EMP projections to move your reality around, and put you under their "spell".

Now I may sound a bit paranoid, but I am not gonna sit down and open my mind in a union with a bunch of people I don't know for a cause that does not include my folks!!!!

I love the libations for the Haitians, and I particularly love the way you are having us focus on our heroes. But that is totally different then sitting in front of a computer and having images being flashed into my brain!!!

I just don't trust it in my gut, my Sister, that's all I am saying.

This New Age Disclosure stuff is sooooooo old, the Ancients knew about other worlders, or off worlders, or whatever you want to call them. They knew about those who were harmful and those who were helpful, but now that "they" have found them, they are legitimate, after years of this knowledge being illegitimate, backwards and primitive. You feel me??

Okay, thanks for reading this. You got to be the one to listen to one of Nana Baakan's rants... Don't you feel special????? LOL

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BBC News - 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists


'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists

Synthetic cell (Science) 
The synthetic cell looks identical to the 'wild type'
Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA.
The researchers constructed a bacterium's "genetic software" and transplanted it into a host cell.
The resulting microbe then looked and behaved like the species "dictated" by the synthetic DNA.
The advance, published in Science, has been hailed as a scientific landmark, but critics say there are dangers posed by synthetic organisms.
Some also suggest that the potential benefits of the technology have been over-stated.
But the researchers hope eventually to design bacterial cells that will produce medicines and fuels and even absorb greenhouse gases.
The team was led by Dr Craig Venter of the J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) in Maryland and California.
Continued: ....... 


Hot debate on this article.. 
My interjections are and have always been, with all that highly evolved technology, i.e, pyramids, etc what happened??? Why is there no sign of that civilization? Natural disasters?? And who suffered the...m and who survived? One thing that I think we all tend to forget, is that we are all human/melaninated or not. And there is something deep inside of each human being; that when put to the test, will face their own destructive shadow. They can give into it or refuse to act on it, but the shadow exists. Societies/civilizations have risen and fallen due to greed, covetousness, invasions, conquering, enslavement and hoarding/claiming another's property. These highly evolved civilizations had the master/slave reality. In order for the Masters to keep their wealth, positions and dominance they had to have slaves and use intimidation, wars, and invasions to keep them afloat in their golden boats. No civilization has been spared this terrible reality. 
So now we see the European doing what its predecessors have all done. If we want to go back and claim Africa as the mother of all nations, let's take that step with true honesty. Yes, to begin with, there was a strong link to Nature, but then somewhere along the way that link was broken and replaced with avarice and fear. Instead of human beings having just what they needed, they became so obsessed with hoarding; that they had more and more of what they wanted and the masses had less and less. The secrets where held among the elite class. Over time, the masses rebelled, as is always the case in any society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Too often we look at the Glorious History, but never ask the poignant question of what happened?? 
How do we find the balance of living in harmony with nature without destroying her every step of the way? How do we care for one another, with...out hoarding or preventing others from moving forward. How do we resist the need to compete against one another and support one another instead? How do we change the way we go about creating a world where all things can exist in harmony? How often do we look back at these Great Civilizations and ask the question, why did they fall? In fact, let's take it to another level, and ask, what is the definition of a Great Civilization? 
Does a Great Civilization have the balance of power and wealth among the masses. Does being a great civilization directly equate with how "much" wealth they have. And in order to amass this wealth, does a Great Civilization destroy the environment in the process? I look at this each day in our own world and I am reminded too often of the imbalance. 
How one rich man could feed so many starving people, and yet they do not. What is this thing about humans, who need to have themselves expressed through the things they have and not the service they provide? So in getting a key link to how to create a so called living cell, does this mean that this technology will be hoarded for the rich and any medical advantage of it will be deprived from the poor. In fact, with all the money that is used (worldwide) and subsequently wasted, how is it that it is not discovered how to bring harmony to the planet, harmony among its people, and balance between nature and science?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wake up, and change our lifestyle, it is not sustainable!

Greetings, and thank you so much for taking your time to share with us here.

      My concern for our planet runs ever so deeply, and while I am a true believer in meditation and prayer, we must, and I mean MUST change our lifestyles to something that is more sustainable for our planet. Not point a finger at the Big Oil, or even Big Corporations, we must look at how our need for more and more things, our desire to be competitive with our sisters and brothers, our need to be better, greater, the best ever in the world, has us stomping on everything in our way.

      The assistance from outside of ourselves can only help in a limited way. We must change from the inside. We must make commitments and contracts to the Planet that we will sustain her, and maintain her and care for her. We must, by all means, look at what we do everyday, from the big to the very, very small to see how we are responsible for the destruction and devastation on our planet.

      That is the supportive action for all our meditations, prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams. To depend on something outside of ourselves is to become subordinate to that power, so we must harness our own power as you have stated, to create a new world, a new reality... but we must caution our expectations of this new reality.

      Will these expectations include our continued gluttonous disregard for one another or will it include an active participation in the sharing of resources for all people to live peacefully, with the basic needs being met. Will this new eventuality shift the power of the elite into the hands of the masses. Will the masses be able to handle this power peacefully and appropriately and fairly? What does this new world look like? How do we, who have become so accustomed to having our individual needs taken care of by Big Government, stop to Govern ourselves with the Golden Rule. "If I have, then you have. If I lose, then you lose. If I love, then I am loved."

Dance Monkeys, Dance by Ernest Klien

      My concern is growing ever so much more and more, about our dependence on that which is outside of ourselves. We have lost our autonomy. We have lost our ability to take care of our own needs. And we have no clue what it takes from others to continue in our comfortable lifestyles.

      I am looking for this message from the channels, from the Arch Angels, from the Walkers, the Star Seeds, the new birthers, the rainbow children, the crystal children, the indigo children; etc, etc. This is the preparation we need, because if we do not know our planet, and how to live on it in peace, then we will remain in the darkness of ignorance and destruction. We need to go back to basics, using what is around us to sustain us, decrease our externalism, increase our internalism and connection to the ONE that we are. We must walk on the grass, not asphalt!!! We must know where our food comes from, we must know our animals that we eat. We must make our own clothes, can our own food and live in communion with our land! If we do not do this, death to this planet is eminent. Why, because we have made a fanciful connection to her, but we are not intrinsically connected to her life blood that is bleeding into the Gulf right now.

      Yes, please meditate, channel, extend love into the Universe and all over the planet, then wake up, and change our lifestyle, it is not sustainable!

      Thank you so much for reading this and thank you for all your hard work to bring these messages forth.

      Peace & Blessings, Nana Baakan

Friday, January 8, 2010

Understanding Oneness Level of Consciousness

January 7, 2010
Understanding Oneness
Level of Consciousness
Sometimes we look at the actions of others and find it difficult to understand what motivates them. But we are all doing the best we can with the information we currently have. We have all been taught how to see the world from the examples of those around us and by our experiences. Keeping this in mind, we can accept the choices made by others while seeking ways to increase the world’s level of consciousness as a whole.

Our different levels of consciousness are like the developmental stages of children, whose understanding varies according to their age and experience. For example, the behavior of a two-year-old who doesn’t want to share can be understood as a phase of his social education, whereas a 16-year-old who behaves in the same manner would be thought to be acting childish. It is important to remember that we are each on our own unique path. We may have chosen certain lessons or made an agreement to play certain roles in the unfolding of the world’s understanding before we incarnated in this lifetime. So our job is not to judge others but to shift the balance of understanding in the world by increasing our own.

Every thought we have and action we take becomes part of the collective energy of the planet. When we use our energy to bring light into the world, it combines with the light brought by others to dispel the darkness. Though we live in a world of duality, which helps us to experience the material plane, we don’t need to experience extremes to understand them. We can share our experiences and understanding with others not from a place of condescension but of connection. When the entire family of humanity understands that each of our thoughts, choices, and actions affect us all, we will share an incredible level of consciousness—one that puts our oneness above all else and helps us evolve into higher expressions of our spiritual selves. Remember the next time you witness an action of another that they are of the same earth as you but simply on a different conscious level at this point in their life. Find compassion, bless them, and move along your day in grace.

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RE: Avatar a critique/He is not one of Us.....


I have been for several days fighting the temptation to step back into this discussion, but after reading TJ’s message, I cannot help it any more. I will try to make this brief as I possibly can, so bare with me.

First of we are all here to make some sense of the crazy world we live in, we are trying and we are experiencing successes and a few failures along the way, and it is clear from the responses that everyone here cares about African descendant people and I would like to stretch this concern to all of mankind. Because if we only focus on our own needs despite the needs of others, if we only service ourselves, then we are mimicking the very one we are so tempted to denunciate.

For 11 years I was a member of the Nation Of Islam, and believed with all my heart, that the white man was the devil, in the flesh. Then my mother showed me my great grandmother who was French. And I wondered, what did that make me. Then I moved into African spirituality and found that people did not want white folks in their religion, because of a variety of sundry reasons. I understood that till one day my eyes were opened.

What I saw was that the Creator does not care about what color we are. We are “judged” by our deeds and it does not matter what color we are, sex we are, age we are or sexual orientation. When you delve into the realm of spirit, where all is one, then you understand, that your previous biases no longer matter because we live on a planet with many colors, many species and many manifestations of Creation. We live in a universe, one of millions, that is an expression of the Most High, Who felt like expressing itself in all types of creations. So, for sure if we spend time squabbling about something as insignificant as to whether Avatar is racist and miss the deeper meaning that we all, every single one of us, will have to go back home… Even that white boy, he had to go back home, to Nature, to the Communion with Nature, to the connection with Nature, to his most Intimate Connection with The Divine Creator, who created everything……. Even the so-called bad stuff.

We can go on and on about how he did this, and ignore the fact that many Black Civilizations have risen and fallen over the many millennia, and we cannot, nor should we blame the “so-called” white man who is a recent inhabitant of this planet. If we look at them as the cause of the Original Man’s demise, then what was that vulnerability that this “Original Man” had, that made him susceptible to the temptation?? Why was this Original Man weakened to the point of being over powered and subsequently destroyed by this new dude on the block? What happened to Kemet, to Songhai, to Ethiopia, to Mali, etc.?????? To Black folks a short 5-6 hundred years ago.

Which brings me to one of the most disconcerting aspect of our interactions with each other. How often have we had great leaders, and we did not support them until it was too late, or… until he passed the litmus test of approval by Mr. Charlie?? Why do we not support our own and cry out loud for that instead of spending endless time, dollars, energy and debate participating in a culture that will ultimately destroy us, all of us, no matter what color we are.

We fuss about a white savior, yet how can that change when for all accounts and purposes the white man’s face is on the cross, in the kitchen cabinets, in the classroom and on TV??? We are expecting people to act out of what they have been indoctrinated to do without any fore knowledge that they can trust and without good, viable, strong examples from the so-called conscious community. What do I mean by that??? I mean that many of these so-called conscious Black folks still call themselves Christians/Muslims/Jews and have little or no idea of the true root or even the psychical roots of these so called religions. Or, they will not even think about dealing with African spirituality…. And if they do, who is saying anything about it??? They have accepted that African spirituality is evil, primitive or backwards, and yet it is totally the spiritual message that AVATAR was talking about. African spirituality is ridiculed by the Black elite, the so-called conscious Black folks who do not understand the Spiritual underpinnings of it and it’s connection to the Earth and how it connects it’s initiates to the earth.

Avatar, was talking about the final goal of all human beings, all creatures and all of nature. We have got to realize our inner Divinity and start acting like Gods and Goddesses, not in words but in actions and deeds. We must first love the planet… and do all we can to preserve it. Then we have to love each other….. Period!!!! The Most High does not care about our tribal squabbles… It is about our values, our work, our participation in the Divine Laws of the Universe, and our willingness to come into the light. We have to be honest and admit that Black folks have done some really crappy things to each other and to our Mother Earth, and while we may want to ignore that, the All Knowing Knows what is in our hearts against each other. And until we begin to love each other, we cannot and will not transcend these petty differences about race and color.

Dude was used by the Powers That Be, not because he meant anything to them. And that is what must be remembered, once you mean nothing to them you are disposed off. He was a cripple, someone who in this culture would get a bad rap, mistreated, stared at and ridiculed. How come with all their technology they were not able to put him back together when he lost his legs fighting for them??? This white boy found freedom from a hate he was taught about from a young man! Imagine how freeing being released from hate can be??? This man transformed right in front of our eyes when he saw that he could walk, fly, soar and yes, assist others in a way he could only dream about. He was useless to everyone else, and found true power in his connection to the Earth Spirit. If all people would just do that, can you imagine the transformation that would take place on this planet. Yes, he started off as a white man, but what kind of soul was he, having suffered what he did for his so-called country?? He became a guinea pig, they only “used” him because he had the same DNA of his twin brother. What a smack in the face for the young men and women coming home now from wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Homeless, unable to take care of their families, completely mentally damaged and what do they get? What have they gotten?? Experimented upon before, during and after their return.

So again, I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to get off the racist angle and get to the message here of uniting our Divine Essence with all Creatures of the Divine Creator. We look like babies squabbling over a toy in the play pin, when all of humanity is at risk now… All of humanity and this planet. Let’s move into 2010 with a renewed commitment to do all we can to save our planet. Stop buying stuff we do not need, stop eating food that kills us, stop hating your neighbor, do not support any place of business that is getting their products at the destruction of another’s self-respect, land, labor, health and wealth! Do some research and decide to dis-engage from all those movies about war, all those videos games about war and all those competitive sports that are not designed to heal the players but destroy them.

I always feel that we can complain and complain but until we change our behavior those complaints are hot air.. Be pro-active and if you don’t like a movie and it’s message, don’t spend your money on it then complain how much you didn’t like it. We have lost contact with our inner voice, because that voice, if heard, would have told you to stay home, because you were not going to like it.

Let’s support film makers who do give us a great message. Let’s go out of our way to make them feel supported. I am a cultural performing artist, and I am sad to say, that I get the most support from white folks… Why is that?? We have got to get a grip on our own self hatred and stop projecting it outside of ourselves to some enemy who only has the power over us that we give him.

Please, I apologize, this is way too long… but I’m just saying….. I am so tired of the senseless debate over AVATAR, when we are in such a sad state of affairs in our community and in our world. We need spiritual healing of the worst kind!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the Racial Debate around Avatar

Greetings Folks,

I am gonna step out there on a limb and suggest something that has gotten little coverage from the many discourses I have read. And that is, quiet as it is kept, these folks are looking for somewhere else to go because as the movie stated they have ruined the planet earth. With that in mind, remember the references to wars and colonializations. This is real. Remember the references to “fighting terror with terror” and greedily stealing resources and I believe the deeper meaning begins to emerge.

We can all get caught up in the fact that dude was a white boy… and that he was a so-called savior of these indigenous people. But to me, the reality is that if he had been a person of color… well, he probably would not have been on that mission in the first place. Yeah, there were people of color on the craft, indeed, there were people of color who were in the background.. let’s see, we got star trek and star wars.. and we could go on. I don’t watch a lot of movies. However, the fact that Cameron went out to show the true nature of his people was a monumental step in his film career. His interview on Tavis Smiley brings some of this out.

I would also like to state, that while we may squabble about who “so called” saved those blue folks, we must remember that he would not have had the power to do it, without the combined knowledge of his horrendous sky people mates and that of the blue folks. In some instances we have to put aside the “racial” card and begin to realize that while we as a people may want freedom from capitalism, the white man’s reign over the world, we are not technologically advanced enough, nor are we united enough in what we do have to make a serious dent in this history we have had as people of color.

It was the indigenous people who did not give up their faith in the other world, the unseen helpers and the powers they project into the physical world. People of color, all over the world would be better off in my opinion if they did the same. And let’s not forget, that while they may have not had the technological advances in the form of computer gadgets, they could have transported Grace’s soul into the Grace Avatar. And for sure if that had occurred in the movie, as it was inferred, her life would have been spared and she would have become one of them.

We have to get passed the very thing that is holding us up. We have got to stop denying that we are one human family, and that we share the same home, the planet earth. As long as we close our eyes to that fact, then as the oppressed we will indeed, once so-called freed from the oppression, lay the same oppression on others, because they are not racially who we are. And who are we racially?? After all the mixing and mingling?? How many of us can even claim to be pure anything anymore, white or black, or any other race of peoples??

I would also stretch it a bit further and say that not only is Hollywood movies giving people of color a noose around their neck, but so is the media, the food industry, Big Pharma, Kmart Sweatshops, entertainment, sports and education. We can complain and bitch about this movie till the end of time, but until we take our own personal power back, and that means all of us, we will continue to march to the beat of whatever drummer comes along.

With all this hoopla, let’s remember the movie is talking about a ravenous people, who have killed their planet and is searching the stars to rape and kill other planets and their people. This is a true fact.. if you ever check out NASA and the other hidden governmental plans of mass genocide. We must stop and check out how we are complicit in the raping of our own planet, and make a serious change in our style of living. We have to connect to spirit, to our soul energy, to the Divine Light and move in that direction. We are all part of Creation, created by the Creator.. We all have a responsibility to be aware of our role in this, and become Divine Creation, connected to Spirit in the most intimate of ways, like they did with their hair(even that symbolism got lost in the “racial” debate.)

In the ancient spirituality, an Avatar is the embodiedment of the Holy Spirit, or Gods.. Every person on this planet has the Divine essence within them, therefore, every person on this planet is an AVATAR. But we also have free will and if we chose to use our Godly Divine Power to harm others, then in essence we have departed from the righteous path.. but in the true sense, we cannot deviate from the Divine Plan. We have free will, but we are also subjected to all the laws that govern the choices we make. We have been warned throughout the millions of years we have been on this planet, and more than once, about our ability to destroy ourselves and our planet. We have been shown that we have the power to turn it around. But if we do not, then we will be given, or reap, exactly what we sew. That is Divine Universal Law.

I pray and hope that we can get pass the “racial” debate and look at the spiritual essence this movie is conveying and the message of spiritual communion with nature so that we can come together as one human family and do something to preserve our planet. Cause quiet as it’s kept, when seen in the overall scheme of things, we are viewed as human beings squabbling over one of the most beautiful planets in our universe. And that makes us all look rather primitive to those who soar in the heavens.

There is so much more I would like to say, but at the risk of turning you away, I will leave you with this note. We are all part of the human family, we share the same home, the planet earth.. we need to check that out and be conscious of where our soul’s journey is taking us and whether we, if placed in their predicament, would say no to someone who has embraced his own soul and taken the risk to unite with us in healing, restoring and maintaining this beautiful vessel we all inhabit simply because s/he is not one of us.

Obama flack David Plouffe says:There's no limit to what we can accomplish this year, if we keep working together.

Hello folks, I just want to say that first off, the people who voted for Obama, did not, and could not have had the deepest inkling of how the System works, they did not understood that without the backing of rich bankers, and others including the media, there would be "NO OBAMA!" Look at the amount of money that was spent on his campaign, where did that money come from?? Poor people, middle class folks, hell no!!

Those who voted for Obama were deceived to think that this is a Democracy, a Republic or any such thing as that. They didn't realize that their vote did not count, because if that were the case, he would not have won. It was not everyone's single vote that got him in.. it was the Electoral College, big bankers, big Pharma, big Agri, etc. that got him in. They all drank the koolade of choice as it was being spilled down their throats, hook line and sinker.

The political structure of this country is not about the masses but about the elite having what they have always had. Sure there may have been a few advances but I always get miffed when people say, "Black folks fought hard for the power to vote." Not that Black folks fought, struggled, and died to understand how this system worked against them and their interest. I see that as a waste of human life. Black folks and their supporters were pushing to get into a corrupt system simply because they were not allowed to be a part of it. and time after time, Black leaders get in and become corrupt because you cannot be in it and not be corrupt at the same time.

Why fight for a Constitution that was not written with Black folks, poor folks and the indigenous people in mind??? I always say go to the root. Obamamania!!!??? people singing rap songs, Obama girl making a fool of herself... and the list goes on. Where did he come from?? What did he do to prove himself..? Why did people believe in a man with words and no actions, and his words were never really clear on what Change Meant. I cannot accept that the lesser of two evils is a good choice. Why do we chose evil at all??? It is a shroud. So folks see he isn't better than Bush, he is worse because he had the people of the world believing in him. That ranks high on my list of deception by someone that people trusted. Everybody was mad at Bush, but he paved the way for someone with little substance and a bunch of promises to get in the WH.

People can fuss at Obama and his policies and his handlers, but that's like fussing after the cow got out of the barn. Why was the barn door opened anyway?? Why is it that people didn't check out who was backing him and make a serious connection?? This is America people!!! You do what your backers say you must do or die!!!

I hate to say, "I told you so, but for real folks, the only way this country would have a viable African American/ or any kind of American for that matter who would really be about the people, would be to have him land here in a fiery chariot and scare the hell out of the PTB, other than that, period end of sentence. Change is more of the Same as has been since the beginning.

We Need to Stop the War in Afghanistan... NOW!

Here we go. Who ever said that we were in WAR??? The media. You cannot declare war on a concept. The war was and remains illegal because they link to Al Qieda, is falsified at best and stupid at worse. And where is Osama??? A war to impose Democracy is an oxymoron!! And who really understand the Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq?? And if the folks were Saudi Nationals, why didn't they bomb Saudi Arabia?? Good question huh? not to mention that most of the so-called hijackers weren't even on those planes. Also, why is it okay to dig out terrorist around the world and attack those who house them, when there is a big fat terrorist right here in the US, from Haiti? And why did they back the Taliban if in fact they wanted to get rid of terrorist, and that dude in Iraq, is a mass murderer.. And if folks are so hell bent on getting them terrorist what about those folks that tortured innocent people, kept them detained without charges, why isn't the US bombing the places, strongholds, etc. where they learned out to do that stuff? And what about Israel?? They have 14k Palestinians wasting away in their jails. And what about capital punishment right here in the US? What's the difference, a few heads role, or a few people fried?? As for Al Qiada... it is not like the CIA, the Mossad, MIC, or any such thing as that. They are not organized that way. Some are claiming to be Al Qiada, when any Arabic speaking person knows, that that is a word that simply means the group and was invented by Bush. In fact, why not allign yourself with that Name, made so famous and feared around the world??

People simply do not understand the Islam mindset and they certainly do not understand how many chapters of the book were written. There are at least 72 sects of Islam. And then you add that to the many countries who are primarily Muslim then add that to the fact that the US troops don't speak Arabic or any of the various variations of the language... See More across the expanse of the many countries who speak it. Come on people!!! We barely speak on language and they have many and a totally different alphabet, that goes from right to left. Where is the sense in it?? So instead of fighting the terrorists, the USA will support the Yemeni government with millions of dollars to beef up their security forces, and the US cannot even secure an airplane that a so called terrorist used to bomb Americans. Listen, remember, this is all a smoke screen with several scenarios playing in the background. Remember that false flag operations are on the top of the USA to do list. Keep us distracted while the banks suck up the money and get away clean!!!

Let's look at the Cradle of Civilization, Sumeria, Babylon, Yemen. Let's look at the complete lack of respect for the other folks holy lands, mosques, holidays etc. What makes them right to bomb these folks to smithereens from drones?? What makes it right to kill innocent civilians in the quest to find a few so-called terrorists. How do they know who they are?? Are they walking around with T-shirts on saying "I am a Terrorist, send me a drone please!" Why are these folks tearing down historical impressions in the rocks and stones of these places?? Is it really about oil?? Or is it about the fact that human history is being destroyed for the purpose of implanting another story? I'm just saying. It is senseless... And folks need to look deeper, way past the so called War on terror and look into how Wars and rumors of wars fill the pockets of the big bankers, destroys the young impressionable men and women who fight them, and mentally and psychically disturbs them for life along with their families and loved ones. Let's look at the total devastation of the planet, due to the type of weaponry they are using that is cause people to have deformed children, and that if the US soldiers are breathing the same air, lying on the same earth eating the food washed in the same water.. Then aren't they too becoming contaminated and some of this contamination remains in the soil for thousands of years... What is the US doing people???? And since this is not done in a vacuum, what's gonna happen to the rest of the world when the contamination finds a nice jet stream and flies all over the planet??? I want to get in the minds of the planners to simply ask why this makes any sense. They are destroying the planet, wholesale and we don't hear hardly a peep from the media about the dangers of the weaponry that is being used against a bunch of poor folks. I'm just saying, man, WTF??????

On Breast Cancer and the Pink Ribbon Stuff

Uh Sweetie, I don't wear a bra, because they too can lead to cancer, cists and tumors.. especially if they are ill-fitted. One size does not fit all, and each woman's body is shaped differently, so I burned my bra over 30 years ago, and my boobs are even more voluptuous then they were then.

It's a misnomer to think that you have to be strapped in a bra, it's a western invention (remember the corset?) that was designed to tickle the fancy of men, who wanted the hooters to be pointed in their face. Ahhhh, a man's vision of beauty the often puts the woman in dire straights, i.e, tight clothes, high heels, hair dyes, cosmetics, etc., but who asked me????

Sometimes I get a little uncomfortable with this breast cancer thing because in many many case, I ain't saying all, it could be changed without drastic mutilation of the body through drugs, kemo and mastectomies. I don't trust big Pharma and I don't trust that they don't have a cure.

The pink ribbon is not going to change anything no matter how many I post, email or wear, if the people who have breast cancer are not involved in the commitment to a complete change of life style. I feel that I am promoting Big Pharma as well and the folks who made those silly ribbons. If we walk, run, fly, dive for women with breast cancer, yet we do not help them change their eating habits, lifestyle, get them to some clean fresh air, lower the stress levels, then our efforts will always be thwarted. But again, who asked me????

Please excuse my tirade, if I have offended anyone, it was not my intention, I just have had enough of superficial causes and their superficial remedies that get us know where except to continually spend on the wheel, around and around.

Would you like me to write down the color of my v-neck sleeves t-shirt???