Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Breast Cancer and the Pink Ribbon Stuff

Uh Sweetie, I don't wear a bra, because they too can lead to cancer, cists and tumors.. especially if they are ill-fitted. One size does not fit all, and each woman's body is shaped differently, so I burned my bra over 30 years ago, and my boobs are even more voluptuous then they were then.

It's a misnomer to think that you have to be strapped in a bra, it's a western invention (remember the corset?) that was designed to tickle the fancy of men, who wanted the hooters to be pointed in their face. Ahhhh, a man's vision of beauty the often puts the woman in dire straights, i.e, tight clothes, high heels, hair dyes, cosmetics, etc., but who asked me????

Sometimes I get a little uncomfortable with this breast cancer thing because in many many case, I ain't saying all, it could be changed without drastic mutilation of the body through drugs, kemo and mastectomies. I don't trust big Pharma and I don't trust that they don't have a cure.

The pink ribbon is not going to change anything no matter how many I post, email or wear, if the people who have breast cancer are not involved in the commitment to a complete change of life style. I feel that I am promoting Big Pharma as well and the folks who made those silly ribbons. If we walk, run, fly, dive for women with breast cancer, yet we do not help them change their eating habits, lifestyle, get them to some clean fresh air, lower the stress levels, then our efforts will always be thwarted. But again, who asked me????

Please excuse my tirade, if I have offended anyone, it was not my intention, I just have had enough of superficial causes and their superficial remedies that get us know where except to continually spend on the wheel, around and around.

Would you like me to write down the color of my v-neck sleeves t-shirt???